1. Amori a Roma (Love stories in Rome)

  2. GTT -Grande Tina Turner (GTT Great Tina Turner)

  3. Impressioni (Impressions)

  4. Plenilunio (Full moon)

  5. Piccola evasione

  6. Lucia

  7. Novembre (November)free

  8. Mediterraneo (Mediterranean)

  9. Soliloquio (Soliloquy)




  1. Preambolo (Preamble)
  2. Una notte all'inferno ( A night in hell)
  3. Come si parla a una donna (How to talk to a woman)
  4. Little blues
  5. Sberleffo (Jeer)
  6. Enamorada (Woman in love)
  7. Fool
  8. Passo (Step)



La giara (Two-handled vase)

  1. Prologo (Prologue)
  2. Gli eventi (The events)
  3. Intermezzo (Interlude)
  4. Balletto (Ballet)




Messa in re maggiore

(Holy mass in D major)

  1. - Signore pietà (Lord have mercy)
  2. - Gloria (Glory to God)
  3. - Alleluia
  4. - Santo (Holy, Holy, Holy)
  5. -Padre nostro  (Our Father)
  6. - Agnello di Dio (Lamb of God)


Holy Mass lyrics                                                      Author’s Comments



    Equinozio (Equinox)free




Space collection

  • Supernova

  • Pulsar 

  • Nebula free




L’inno di Rifondazione

Testo e Musica di Paolo Piccirilli

Canta Ilaria Cataldi con un gruppo di compagni






Love illness - Thinking about you / With the eyes and the heart / An animal with four legs / Oh! My darling Barbara / You're always looking at me / Dancing with the bear / It's useful to repeat / If ever I'll see you. Informations -I don't know what this CD -in which I kick up a row- will be.It's not recommended for those people that don't know torment, damnation, tachycardiac, sleeplessness, anxiety, suffering, perturbation and all the soul diversity that an excessive passion sometimes can generate in a bad sense. Besides I dissuade you from buying the CD because some possible earnings will be handed over to the perdition. If at the end of the record you will hear the silence, please consult the doctor.

(translated by Iole Capuano)



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